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Тест на уровень английского языка

Определите свой уровень английского языка с помощью бесплатного онлайн тестирования.

  • Тест содержит 50 вопросов с несколькими вариантами ответа
  • Постарайтесь выполнить тест в течении 15 минут
  • В конце теста вы узнаете свой уровень английского языка
1. What's _____ hobby?
  A. you
  B. your
  C. yours
  D. the your

2. How are you today ?
  A. I am normal.
  B. I am fine.
  C. I am fine, thank you.
  D. I am normal, thank you.

3. Do you work as a bank manager?
  A. Yes, I work.
  B. Yes, I am.
  C. Yes.
  D. Yes, I do.

4. Where _____you from?
  A. is
  B. did
  C. do
  D. are

5. _____ you have a car?
  A. Do
  B. Are
  C. Does
  D. Is

6. Where _____your husband work?
  A. is
  B. does
  C. do
  D. are

7. She ________ to English classes.
  A. is go
  B. gos
  C. goes
  D. does go

8. _______you from Aktau?
  A. Is
  B. Are
  C. Do
  D. Does

9. He _______ a good job.
  A. have
  B. haves
  C. has
  D. is have

10. What do you do?
  A. I go to work
  B. I am an office manager
  C. I am working
  D. I learn English.

11. What do you usually do _____the weekend?
  A. for
  B. at
  C. in
  D. with

12. I finish work at half _____________six.
  A. to
  B. past
  C. before
  D. for

13. Where ______ you go last night?
  A. did
  B. do
  C. was
  D. were

14. Are you busy now?
  A. Yes, I do a project
  B. Yes, I am doing a project.
  C. Yes, I am do in a project.
  D. Yes, I doing in a project.

15. When and where _______ you born?
  A. were
  B. are
  C. did
  D. was

16. Do you have a hobby?
  A. I'd like playing in a tennis
  B. I like play tennis.
  C. I like playing tennis.
  D. I like playing the tennis.

17. Our new office is ____ .
  A. the bigger
  B. bigger
  C. more big
  D. more bigger

18. She ____________make spreadsheets.
  A. can't to
  B. can't
  C. doesn't can
  D. isn't can

19. Where _____you _________for your next holiday?
  A. are, go
  B. are, going
  C. will, going
  D. do, go

20. _____you ______our new office?
  A. are, like
  B. are, liking
  C. do, like
  D. do, liking

21. We _______to finish the presentation by Friday.
  A. have
  B. must
  C. should
  D. might

22. I ____ just ______writing an-mail.
  A. am, just
  B. did, finish
  C. have, finish
  D. have, finished

23. What ____you _________at six o'clock yesterday?
  A. were ,doing
  B. did, do
  C. were, do
  D. was, doing

24. Do you get ______well with your new manager?
  A. on
  B. with
  C. in
  D. up

25. It is cold outside. _______on your coat !
  A. Take
  B. Wear
  C. Put
  D. Dress

26. She is ________ responsible than her friend.
  A. a more
  B. the most
  C. most
  D. more

27. You have to be more hardworking ________ a promotion.
  A. for getting
  B. to get
  C. for get
  D. to getting

28. She ___________there 3 moths ago.
  A. went
  B. has gone
  C. has been
  D. has been worked

29. If you ____________it today, you will not miss the deadline.
  A. will finish
  B. finish
  C. had finished
  D. will finished

30. If I _____a car, I ____drive to work every day.
  A. had, would
  B. have, would
  C. had, will
  D. would, would

31. When I came , the meeting ________.
  A. have started
  B. had started
  C. started
  D. was started

32. They __________by worldly recognized trainers.
  A. were train
  B. were trained
  C. trained
  D. were training

33. You told me you _____meet the deadline!
  A. would
  B. will be
  C. will
  D. would be

34. Why are your eyes red? ____you ______?
  A. Have, been cried
  B. were, crying
  C. have, been crying
  D. had, been crying

35. If I _______heard the weather forecast, I __________put on my coat.
  A. Had, would've
  B. would've, had
  C. would've, have
  D. have, would've

36. You_______smoke inside the building. It is prohibited.
  A. don't have to
  B. needn't
  C. shouldn't
  D. mustn't

37. You should _________more polite during the interview!
  A. have been
  B. were
  C. have be
  D. to be

38. What ______our new manager ______?
  A. does, looks like
  B. does, look like
  C. does, look likes
  D. is, look like

39. What ________your city like?
  A. does
  B. is
  C. are
  D. do

40. I ______ work long hours when I worked for that company.
  A. used
  B. got used
  C. used to
  D. got used to

41. Do you know what _____?
  A. does Peter like
  B. Peter is like
  C. Is Peter like
  D. Peter is likes

42. I wish I ______more free time.
  A. had
  B. would have
  C. have
  D. can have

43. The photocopying machine is out of order. Please _________.
  A. have a fix
  B. get it fixed
  C. make a repair
  D. do it fixed

44. How many candidates have you interviewed so far?
  A. none
  B. no
  C. nobody
  D. not

45. Today is ______wonderful weather
  A. such a
  B. such
  C. so
  D. as

46. The new office is _________spacious!
  A. such
  B. so
  C. such a
  D. as

47. ______I work at this position, _____I understand my responsibilities.
  A. More, better
  B. The more, the better
  C. The more, the best
  D. More, more well

48. Just keep on ___________ what you have to do.
  A. do
  B. doing
  C. to do
  D. to doing

49. It was absolutely new for me at the beginning but now I __________ it.
  A. used to
  B. get used
  C. am used
  D. am used to

50. You'd _______do everything on time.
  A. better
  B. have to
  C. had to
  D. better to

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